Becoming Minimalistic

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Becoming Minimalistic


Now here’s something I often think about. How do I become more minimalistic?


I recently read a book by author Leo Babauta, Zen Habits that defines minimalism as “It’s simply getting rid of things you do not use or need, leaving an uncluttered, simple environment”. I like the thought of that, but as often the case, easier said than done!  But the more I meditate on the thought of minimalism, the easier it has become to make changes to simplify my life. I believe the hardest part of this process is preparing mentally prior to physically getting rid of stuff, but the body will follow where the mind goes, and my mind really desires to have less and eliminate unnecessary items.

Following are steps I take in my journey to minimalism:

  • Set a timer and work for a pre-determined amount of time.  1 or 2 hours in usually my goal.  When the time goes off, I’m done for the day!
  • Choose a room at a time, or even a section of a room.
  • Many items may still have value and worth to someone else, so I often take items to the Salvation Army, or use social media garage sale groups and earn a little cash.
  • Go back over that room or section in a couple of weeks.  I usually am so motivated by my new un-cluttered space that I am even more aggressive with the evaluation process and I discover more stuff that does not need to be in my home.

Pro Tip!

As the manager of a self-storage facility, I often see that creating space between yourself and your stuff is beneficial. After some time away from Grandma’s china, you may discover you don’t need it at all!

Pro Tip 2!

Many times we hang on to things because our children have expressed interest in it but don’t have the room right at that moment. Your home doesn’t need to be a storage unit – rent one!

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