Climate Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled Storage

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Furniture is made to sit in your home’s living room, not necessarily in a muggy attic or a damp basement. But is furniture able to last in a conventional storage unit without climate control? Does your furniture require climate controlled storage?

For the short term, a storage unit without climate control capabilities can be adequate for furniture and other items. However, if you’ll be storing your furniture for a few months or more, the benefits of climate control are significant. Certainly, any additional cost is typically worth it for the extra protection it brings.

On this post, we’ll look at a few different issues that can help you to make a wise Climate Controlled Storage decision.

-Is your furniture upholstered? Upholstered furniture tends to be more prone to absorbing odors from humidity when in a non-climate controlled settings. A couch that you want to use again will be less likely to absorb odors in a dry, cooler environment.

In some cases, wrapping your upholstered furniture with shrink wrap can shield it from extra moisture in a damp environment. However, it’s necessary for fabrics to “breathe,” so plastic is not an optimal storage option.

We suggest using a cotton sheet to wrap upholstered furniture in addition to storing it in a climate controlled unit.

Are you storing antique or high value furniture?

While it may withstand the test of time, antique wood furniture still needs careful treatment. Humidity, which is moisture content in the air, can have a negative effect on older furniture items. Without a doubt, humidity can cause wood to expand, contract and even crack. Consequently, that can diminish
the resale worth of the items. We suggest storing wood furniture items in a space with relative humidity of around 55 percent and consistent temperature settings.