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At 200 North Ninth Avenue in St. Charles, In Towne Self-Storage offers a convenient location and easy access. Our facility features a wide variety of clean, safe and secure units ideal for Commercial Self Storage. Whether you’re looking for one or multiple units, we have spaces that work with your needs and budget.

In addition to the standard drive-in dock, customers have access to a depressed dock suitable for large box trucks and semi’s.

Safe, Secure and Affordable Commercial Self Storage

In Towne Self-Storage has inside units available in a range of sizes. Secure and temperature controlled, our units are ideal for storing your business equipment. Paper documents, files, computers, office furniture, books and other work materials remain safe against theft and the elements.

The Benefits of Renting Commercial Self Storage for Your Business

Instead of committing to the cost of a long-term lease for more office space, consider self storage instead. Why not limit your costs and gain convenience with Commercial Self Storage at our facility?

Renting self storage units offers considerable benefits for a small business. Additionally, it’s a smart plan for anyone downsizing to a smaller home. Rather than squeezing multiple items into one location where you need room, rent a self storage unit. Any small business owner understands that extra space is a top priority for success. Following are a few of the cost-saving small businesses can realize through storage space rental units:

Secure Location

When operating a small business from a smaller-size office it can become a challenge to monitor your daily records. However, you can assure the safekeeping of your records and equipment by storing them at our secure facility. With dependable locks and our reliable surveillance system, your business items are sure to remain safe.

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Affordable Commercial Self Storage

Documentation Storage

Even offices that have yet to go completely paperless are likely in the process. Paper takes up a lot of space. However, since they may contain important information, you can’t dispose all your paperwork.

Storing piles of paper documents at your office is inconvenient. Furthermore, file cabinets take up considerable space too. By placing paper documents in a Commercial Self Storage facility, you’ll clear valuable office space ideal for other activities.

Store Inventory

Storing your business inventory at the office? It’s probably occupying a lot of space that could be put to better use. In addition, the costs of office space for inventory that’s not moving can add up rapidly. As a result, this may contribute to higher purchase order costs that mean declining profit margins. Consider renting an affordable storage unit instead. You’ll function more practically by buying items in bulk and then storing them in less expensive storage space.

Managing a successful small business requires looking at all possibilities. As a small business owner, you need to identify areas where you can trim expenses. Reducing your storage costs is a great place to start!

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Please contact us about your Commercial Self Storage needs. Use our convenient online submission form or call us at 630-360-8600. Our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If calling after hours, simply leave a brief message. Our staff will get in touch with you within one to two business days. In Towne Self-Storage is located in St. Charles at 200 North Ninth Avenue. If you’re uncertain which size self storage unit you’ll need, we can recommend what will suit your requirements.

Along with our variety of affordable self storage spaces, In Towne Self-Storage also has packing supplies. From sturdy boxes to a variety of packing tapes, we’ve got everything you’ll need for your next move.

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