Moving is Inevitable

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ITSS Guest Blog - Dan Stellato

Moving is Inevitable…


Guest Blog: Written by Dan Stellato based on his recent Real Estate and Storage Experience

Moving is Inevitable…but thanks to In Towne Self-Storage it can be flexible and much more tolerable. Moving can also be exciting.  As you plan your move in your head the visions appear of heavenly cherubs gently picking up all of your precious belongings and placing them into your new home, fully undamaged, of course.  But then reality hits, and from my own experience after living in my home for 22 years, and a quick sale by Debbie Gurley of Miscella Real Estate, I couldn’t find any cherubs, so I turned to In Towne Storage for advice on Movers, U-Haul rentals, moving supplies, equipment dollies, vehicle storage, etc.


Cathy McNally and her loyal four-legged sidekick, Louie, took great care of me and worked hard to allow me the flexibility of renting two quality storage units at a very competitive price.  I was able to down-size to one unit (after finally disposing of valuable long-term assets…like my 5th grade bowling trophy, etc.) and then eventually moving all remaining assets, furniture, etc. into our new place.

ITSS Louie

I don’t know how I could have accomplished this disruptive event in my life without help from In Towne and the flexibility Cathy provided.  So, when your reality hits home (pun intended) think of your local Cherubs at In Towne Storage.

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