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If you plan to move or downsize soon and require a secure, convenient and affordable self storage space, In Towne Self-Storage St. Charles is your local solution. Our St. Charles facility offers a variety of units in different sizes. Because they are a temperature controlled and indoors, our units are safe for computers, art work or other potentially fragile items. In addition, you’ll find that our storage units are easy to access for your convenience.

Choose Our Facility To Accommodate Your Next Residential Move with Packing Supplies

To make that next relocation easier and hassle-free, you’ll want the ideal amount of accessible space for storage. In Towne Self-Storage provides clean, well-lit self storage at competitive rates. Plus, we focus on excellent customer care to ensure you’re happy with your unit! Regardless of whether you need to store items for weeks, months or longer, you’ll be satisfied with In Towne Self-Storage. Contact us today online or by phone to arrange one or more units today.

We Have Packing Supplies

In the process of moving? We’ve got the handy Packing Supplies you’ll need to make it easier. Visit our facility for any of the following:

Packing Tape: Ensure your boxes remain securely shut. We have a wide selection of durable, commercial-grade packing tape. In addition, we also stock shipping and paper tape, along with tape dispensers and more.

Boxes: Speaking of boxes, they’re probably the most essential Packing Supply. We carry multiple sizes of tough boxes for packing your valuable belongings. For clothing, books, computers, TVs, dishes, glassware, wardrobe, mirrors and more.

Protective Moving Supplies: Keep your items safe during transport with protective furniture blankets. We also have quilted padding, plastic wrapping, cushions, packing peanuts and dish savers.

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Check out these handy moving hacks:

Before Your Move

Thoroughly clean the bathrooms and kitchen at your new location before moving in.

Assign a donation pile for clothes and items you won’t take along with you. Simply schedule a pickup date with your local chapter of the Salvation Army, for instance. Remember to request a receipt so you can later claim a tax deduction!

In the weeks before you move, plan meals based upon whatever remains in your kitchen. For example, use up frozen food, containers already open or perishable items.

Make sure you have ample packing supplies for the last items remaining.

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In Towne Self-Storage for All Your Packing Supplies

  • Update your address information for your accounts and utilities a few weeks before you move.
  • Rather than discarding old electronics, locate an electronics recycler in your community.
  • Take measurements. Don’t bring any furniture that will not fit into your new location.
  • To cut expenses, try to schedule your move for during the middle of the month. That’s when it’s typically cheaper to move.
  • Place stemware and glassware in clean socks for additional protective padding. Ask In Towne Self-Storage about our selection of Packing Supplies ideal for transporting delicate items.
  • While dissembling furniture, save screws and related hardware in plastic zip-lock bags. Label the bags and tape them to the corresponding piece of furniture.
  • Use our colored packing tape to organize your boxes. Be certain to label which room each box goes to.
  • Note the contents on each box with a marker. Or, create a list of your inventory.
  • If you plan to use plastic wrapping, you may leave your belongings in whatever container they’re already in. As an example, simply wrap up your kitchen utensils organizer with plastic wrapping.
  • In Towne Self-Storage is your solution for self storage and Packing Supplies! Book your storage unit with us now at 630-360-8600.

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