Preparing Your Boat for Storage

Preparing Your Boat for Storage

Preparing Your Boat for Storage Tips

Here are a few easy suggestions for preparing your boat for winter storage:

-Wash your boat. Give your vessel a thorough cleaning. This not only keeps it looking good, but regular cleaning prolongs its lifespan too. Clean the interior, exterior, trim and hardware. Also, provide the exterior of your boat with a fresh coat of wax to shield it against the elements. This is also an ideal time to inspect for cracks, blistering or any signs of damage. Naturally, it’s smart to do necessary repairs prior to putting a boat in storage.

-Change the oil. Generally, change the engine oil plus the oil filters for the stern drive along with inboard and outboard engines. Remember to change the engine oil while the engine is still warm. In addition, be sure to use the appropriate type of oil for your boat. By doing an oil change, you’ll prevents acid and water from corroding the motor.

-Flush out your boat’s cooling system. Clean out your boat’s cooling system with water to remove dirt, salt and debris. Certainly, this serves to prevent corrosion.

-Protect your boat’s engine with fogging oil. The application of fogging oil serves to protect your boat’s engine during the cold months. While the engine run, spray the fogging oil directly into the boat’s air intakes.

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-Prepare the fuel system. Always top off your vessel’s fuel tank before putting it in storage. This helps to keep condensation from building up, which could result in corrosion. Also, change the boat’s fuel filter and consider adding some fuel stabilizer if your vessel doesn’t have one already.

-Take out the drive belt. Belts can weaken when they are under tension for lengthy periods of time. To prevent the drive belt from weakening and starting to crack, remove it before your boat goes into storage.

-Disconnect the battery. This step will prevent your battery from dying in the winter. Disconnect your boat’s battery and then top it off with water. Run the battery during the winter time to ensure it will operate when it’s time get back on the water.

-Apply lubrication. Take the time to adequately care for the steering system and other mechanisms. This, like the other steps we mention here, will shield your boat against cold temperatures. Even minor components can serve an important functions, so look over your vessel and use lubrication!

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-Perform a final assessment. Proceed with a last “once-over” of your boat before you put it into storage.

Take out any extra items from your boat, because they can raise the risks of damage from moisture.

Check for signs of damage on mechanical components, cracks, dings, leaks and corrosion. Now is when you’ll want to remedy those seemingly minor issues before they get bigger.

-Cover up your boat. Use a protective covering to guard your vessel against dirt and dust as it sits in storage. The best choice for a storage facility is one that features climate-control. However, it’s still a beneficial idea to protect your boat with a quality covering no matter where you store it.

-Get the proper insurance coverage. Speak with your insurance agent for information about boat insurance policies. Depending upon where you live, insurance rates can vary a lot. Particularly, if you reside in a colder environment where boats are only in use for a few months per year. Review the details with your insurance agent before selecting coverage that’s appropriate for you.

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