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As wonderful as the Holidays are, let’s face it; it can be overwhelming.  The shopping, cooking, cleaning, decorating and then un-decorating are all chores that can be taxing on our mental and physical health during this season.

The task that seems to take the most time, space and energy is decorating.  Opening your basement or attic to see what disorganized chaos you left in there last Christmas can be surprising.  I find having a plan before I pull out all the decorations is probably the best.  I like to work in one room at a time, starting inside and working my way outside the home. After all, I don’t want to be the neighbor with my Christmas décor outside too early! But the decorating process is always the most fun part, it’s the taking them down that can be grueling.  I have learned that taking a little extra time at the end of this season to safely store my décor saves time and heartache next year.

Once Christmas is over, I know most are quick to put things away in a sloppy mess and never look at them again until next year, but I have a few ideas you can do to keep decorating a smooth process during uninstallation.

One easy task is to sort things by category and place them in plastic bins with labels, some labels even have places to write inventory, so when you’re looking for that one specific adorable snowman, you can find him without pulling every single decoration out.  I also like to place items that decorate a specific room all together in bin(s). I have several themed trees and instead of storing their ornaments and decorations with other ornaments, I store them separately with the tree they go on.

Another quick fix is to put your things away in an order that you might take them out next year.  Small decorations in the back, then ornaments, then lights, then the tree.  Basically, making your storage area in chronological order for the next year – genius!

Some Christmas lovers even go as far as to have a storage unit to safely store their holiday décor.  It can be helpful to clear some clutter in your home for the other 11 months of the year, especially if you have a large number of items.  Then, you would only have to visit your Christmas decorations during the holiday season and not see them each time you go downstairs to clean your laundry.

Climate controlled storage units are a safe place to keep these types of items to keep them out of the elements.  You never want to store your great-grandmother’s hand-made ornaments in too hot or too cold environments.  Storage units can have great deals during the cold winter months – as it is off season for moving.

Decorating your home for Christmas is a fun and exciting time of year. A time for making new memories and remembering old ones.  Many times, our memories are relived through ornaments and decorations that have been in our families for many years or even generations. Certainly, the safe storage of treasured Christmas decorations is something to consider.


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