Self Storage St. Charles IL

Self Storage St. Charles IL

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From residential moves or downsizing to equipment storage or simply a safe place to store valuable possessions, there are many reasons why our customers choose In Towne Storage for their Self Storage St. Charles IL needs. Our facility features many different sizes of storage units ideal for keeping your possessions secure for however long you may need. Convenient, well-lit, clean and accessible 24/7, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with In Towne Storage!

Self Storage St. Charles IL – Why Self Storage is a Smart Choice

When in comparison to other self storage options such as renovating an existing room or renting additional space, rooms, our well-maintained storage units present a cost-effective alternative for both home owners and commercial property managers who need to store items in a safe place they can access as needed. In addition to the economic advantages, there are quite a number of good reasons why it’s a great idea to use Self Storage St. Charles IL as an extension of your own storage space. For example:

-Renovating or building an addition to your home. If you’re planning to add some new walls, more rooms or perhaps repair a leaky roof, you certainly won’t want dust and moisture accumulating upon your furniture. If a part or all of your residence or business location are under renovation, a Self Storage St. Charles IL unit will provide a secure, accessible temporary place for your movable belongings.

After the remodeling finishes, you’ll have the option of taking your items out of storage and putting them back where they were before or simply re-organizing your interior spaces.

-Moving to a new residence. In a competitive, fluctuating real estate market, selling a home and then relocating isn’t always a straightforward process that can be done in a matter of just a few days. Delays and complications can happen. Without a plan for storage you might wind up in a difficult situation if your possessions are ready for transport but your new location is not yet accessible. With affordable Self Storage St. Charles IL, you’ll have a secure place to store your belongings until your new home is ready.

-A change in relationships. When the status of a shared living situation changes, it is frequently the case that one party will need to move out of the residence and relocate to an alternative place. On the other hand, partners starting a new living arrangement might be on a tight schedule to exit their current accommodations and get into their new one as soon as they are able. In either case, affordable units at our facility presents a secure place for personal belongings that cannot be moved right away.

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Storage for Business Equipment and Inventory

Larger business entities and smaller firms who may just be starting up both will often have a need for a place to store their archives, inventory, essential documents and product samples. But due to warehouse and office space claiming a significant portion of their yearly budgets, renting another commercial space is not always the most cost-effective solution.

Our Self Storage St. Charles IL units present climate-controlled facilities at a much more affordable rate when compared to commercial property rentals. You’ll have easy, 24/7 access to your space and the peace of mind knowing that your belongings are physically secure from theft and against the elements.

Lack of Space

For those who are short on accessible space for their possessions in their residential or commercial setting, a unit at our Self Storage St. Charles IL location presents a safe and affordable solution. Similarly, our storage units offer an economical choice if you want to declutter your current living or work area. With a storage space you’ll be able to put away the things you don’t need on a daily basis but may still need to access on occasion.

Self Storage St. Charles IL units are readily available for our customers in a range of sizes for your short or long term needs. Environment-controlled spaces are available to accommodate practically any of your possessions – just ask our customer care staff at 630-360-8600.

A Secure Location for Your Vehicles and Recreational Gear

The things that you may use on a seasonal basis, which could range from a camper and fishing equipment to yard maintenance tools and lawnmowers, can take up a lot of space when not in use.

Why not get organized and put away your seasonal equipment? Self-storage space permits seasonal equipment to be stored away safely during those times of the year when they are not needed.

This is also true for recreational vehicles that you may not use for an extended length of time. If you have vehicles that require storage for the winter, please contact In Towne Storage and let us know what you need. We can provide climate-controlled safekeeping for autos, boats, trailers, RVs, motorcycles and more.

You Have a Busy Travel Schedule

People who travel frequently will often need to have short-range accommodations for storing their

belongings. However, transporting their belongings every time they travel will probably not be very practical. With a Self Storage St. Charles IL unit at our facility, those issues are solved. We have the space and security necessary for storing the things you won’t need during your next trip. We can work with you on storage arrangements that will accommodate your schedule.

Tips for Efficient and Safe Packing for Your Self Storage St. Charles IL Unit

Now that you have found a dependable self-storage facility right here in the Fox Valley, it’s time to get your possessions securely packaged ready for transport. Read on for a few tips on making the most of your Self Storage St. Charles IL unit.

Sturdy Boxes and Quality Packing Supplies are Critical

To safeguard items against dust and damage, you’ll want to be sure that everything is fully covered. This requires plenty of durable boxes. You might have some in your home left over from your last move. Or, you can simply acquire some boxes from your area hardware or grocery store. At In Towne Storage, we also offer a variety of boxes and handy packing materials to make your task a whole lot easier.

Plastic containers are also very useful for storage too. While generally a little more pricey than boxes, plastic bins provide additional protection from moisture damage and easily withstand the rigors of a move. And while you’re looking for containers and boxes, it’s a smart idea to pick up tape, packing peanuts and marker to label your items.

Pack Smart

When loading your possessions into boxes and containers, try to utilize as much room as you can. Fill in gaps with packing peanuts or newspaper. When there’s too much room in a box, it allows the items inside to shift during transport and risks damage. Be sure that books are packed flat to prevent damage to the spines, for instance.

It’s also useful to avoid over-packing your boxes. For optimal safety, try to keep your boxes under 50 pounds and assure that the weight of the items inside is distributed as evenly as possible for ease of lifting. Once the box is full, securely tape along all the edges for extra strength, and seal the flaps down.

Need a Secure Location to Store a Vehicle? Store your Car, Truck, Motorcycle or RV at In Towne Storage – Call 630-360-8600

Check out these useful tips on how to prepare your car for storage:

Perhaps you own a convertible that you enjoying driving in the summertime, but now winter is around the corner. Or maybe you’re planning to leave the area for work reasons or an extended vacation. Whatever the reasons are be for your upcoming away from your vehicle, you’ll want to place it in Self Storage St. Charles IL. If you simply leave your car parked in your driveway or garage for a long period, you risk returning to a dead battery, flat tires or even unwanted critters living underneath the hood.

Following are a few steps you can take to prepare your vehicle for long-term storage. These easy suggestion can help preserve the lifespan of the engine, ensuring that your car will start up and be road ready when you return.

-A thorough cleaning. While it might seem pointless to get a car wash just before putting it in Self Storage St. Charles IL for several months, a good cleaning means it will be in fine condition when get back. Remember to clean the tires and underside of the fenders to eliminate mud or tar. For some extra protection, apply a coat of wax.

-Schedule an oil change. If you plan to get your vehicle in Self Storage St. Charles IL for longer than a month or so, consider getting an oil change. (Skip this suggestion if you’ll only be storing the vehicle for a few weeks.)

-Top off the fuel tank. Fill up your car’s gas tank if you plan to keep it Self Storage St. Charles IL for more than one month. Topping off the tank will help to prevent accumulation of moisture inside of it and also prevent the seals from getting too dry. Also, it’s a good idea to add fuel stabilizer to your gas tank in order to prevent buildup of ethanol and protect your car’s engine against gum and rust. Plus, fuel stabilizer helps prevent fuel from deteriorating for as long as one year.

-Keep a charge. An battery that’s unattended will steadily lose its charge. If you are able, ask a friend to start up your vehicle every 2 weeks or so and drive it for 15 minutes. Driving a vehicle periodically provides many benefits. For instance, it maintains the battery charge and keeps the engine and its components sufficiently lubricated. It is also a smart practice to run the AC for a few minutes to keep the components in working condition and freshen the air quality.

If you’re not able to arrange for a friend to start the vehicle, there are still a few options. One is to simply disconnect the battery’s negative cable. You’ll probably lose your audio system presets and car clock settings, but those are easy to reset when you return. If you wish to maintain those presets and ensure your car battery will start when you return, consider purchasing a trickle battery charger. It’s a convenient device that connects to your vehicle’s battery at one end and into an electrical outlet at the other end. It supplies enough electricity to keep the battery from fully discharging.

-Don’t apply the parking brake. While applying a vehicle’s parking brake does have appropriate use in some situations, there’s no need to apply it when preparing for long term Self Storage St. Charles IL.

If brake pads are in contact with the car’s rotors for a long period, there is a risk that they may start to fuse. As an alternative, purchase a car tire stopper, also known as a chock, to keep the vehicle from moving.

-Prevent tire flat spots. Ensure your car’s tires are inflated at the manufacturer’s suggested pressure. If a car remains stationary for a long time, flat spots may start to form on the tires due to the constant weight of the car pressing downward. This tends to happen at a quicker rate in cold temperatures and in cars that have low-profile or performance tires.

In some instances, simply driving the car for a short time is sufficient to get the tires to their standard operational temperature and prevent flat spots from forming. However, if a car is left for a long period of time and flat spots become a fixed part of the tires, they will likely need replacement.

If you plan to put your vehicle in Self Storage St. Charles IL for several months, consider removing the tires and putting the car upon jacks at each corner. This step does require some work, but can prevent the need to buy a whole new set of tires upon your return. Your car’s tires will remain in much better condition if they have not been sustaining the weight of the car for an extended period.

Taking Your Car Our of Self Storage St. Charles IL

Here’s a handy checklist of what you can do when it’s time to bring your car out of storage:

-Take a look beneath the hood to check that the belts, wires and hoses are in good condition. If you put a cover over the air intake or muffler, be sure to remove it before starting the car.

-Check your windshield wipers to ensure they aren’t getting brittle or cracking.

-Verify that your tire pressure is correct. If not, promptly inflate them to the recommended specifications.

-Check engine fluids to confirm there are no leaks occurring and that fluids are at the suggested levels.

-If you disconnected the battery cable, be sure to reconnect it. Check that the battery’s terminals are sufficiently clean.

In Towne Storage – Self Storage St. Charles IL for Your Business – Call 630-360-8600

The convenience and security of Self Storage St. Charles IL at our facility extends to business purposes too. For instance, if you have a business that needs to store extra supplies, files or office equipment, Self Storage St. Charles IL offers an efficient solution. Renting a unit is a cost-effective way that businesses can store their documents, excess inventory, electronics and furniture. Or, if you plan to move your business to another location, utilizing self storage during the transition is beneficial. Plus, it’s easy to access your business items when you need to at In Towne Storage.

Maybe your business is growing and lacks enough space for storage. Renting a Self Storage St. Charles IL unit is less expensive than relocating to a bigger office. Self storage is not only for personal items anymore. While many self storage locations are still utilized by people storing their personal belongings, there are an increasing number of businesses choosing self storage. Self Storage St. Charles IL also offers business owners peace of mind knowing that their files, equipment and other items are secure and available whenever needed.

Some of the main advantages to an affordable Self Storage St. Charles IL unit for businesses include:

-Opens up more office space by putting items workers aren’t regularly using into storage.

-Supplies a location for extra equipment and office furniture until you need them.

-Enables a business to cut costs by purchasing office supplies and equipment in bulk and storing them for later use.

-Provides a secure place to archive essential documentation and files.

-Your business can utilize a Self Storage St. Charles IL unit if you plan to move.

Some of the types of businesses that benefit from using a storage unit include law firms, pharmaceutical and healthcare sales reps, accountants, small business owners and financial services professionals.