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Self storage units are a very convenient solution if there’s limited space in your home or business. However, there are instances when renting a unit makes much more economic sense. If you’re thinking about self storage, read on for a few examples of when it’s a smart option.

Self Storage

Why Use Self Storage

When families are expecting a child, available space takes on a new priority. You may discover that items that once fit in your home no longer do. For example, if office desks are currently taking space in your living room. Or, perhaps there’s just not as much room for all your furnishings. Renting a Self Storage unit at our facility is an economical way to retain things you want. Additionally, it creates more valuable space at your home.

Keep things that are important to you. When your home doesn’t feature basement space or an attic, it limits where you can keep family heirlooms. Limited space may make people consider disposing of things they would like to keep. Items such as antique furniture or collectible books can be difficult to throw away. However, those valuable items can rest safely in Self Storage at our location.

Collectibles. At In Towne Self-Storage, we have temperature controlled storage units. This basically means you can safely store your valuable collectibles. In addition, well-maintain facilities such as ours are secure and monitored. So you’ll have peace of mind with the knowledge that your belongings are in a safe place.

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Convenient, Cost-Effective Self Storage

We’re always happy to provide Self Storage units for practically any items you may own. However, there are a few items that should not sit in a storage unit:

Pets. Living creatures are not permitted in storage units.

Perishable items. Anything that may deteriorate or rot should not be in Self Storage units. Although our St. Charles facility does feature temperature controls, food and perishables are not suitable.

High value items. Our facility is very secure for items of most any kind. However, things such as money or jewelry should typically be at your local bank.

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Selecting the Ideal Self Storage Facility

Security, obviously, is a top priority when it comes to storage space. Practically any customer would probably list security as most important when selecting a facility. Be sure that the location offers adequate protection and inquire about security at the premises. After you determine the location’s security features, take time to review your customer contract. Some contracts vary from others. It’s helpful to understand what you may or may not store there. Additionally, review the details regarding payment. As we mentioned, not every storage facility is similar with respect to payment arrangements.

If you’re ready to proceed and rent a Self Storage unit, come and visit us at In Towne Self-Storage. Our conveniently located grounds are secure and well-maintained. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all your inquiries and assign a unit ideal for your needs. Feel free to stop in any time during our business hours and check out our facility. Or, simply give us a call for more helpful information.

Affordable Self Storage at In Towne Self Storage in St. Charles

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