Storage St. Charles IL

Storage St. Charles IL

Storage St. Charles IL units are a very reliable solution when there’s not a lot of space in your residence or business. It not only makes financial sense, but it also opens up more room as an extra convenience. If you’re considering a self-storage unit, read further for a few clear examples of when it’s a wise option.

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-Keep items that hold value for you. If your home doesn’t have much basement space or a roomy attic, it restricts where you can store things. Whether you have lots of family heirlooms, clothes or rare art work, there are some things you’ll want to keep. Limited storage space might make people consider getting rid of items they’d rather keep. Items like antique furniture or collectibles are tough to dispose. However, those items will be safe and secure at In Towne Storage.

-A growing family. When couples are growing their families, available room is a very important commodity. You may find that items that used to fit in your home are longer relevant. For example, there may be an extra desk or table in a spare room that you no longer need. Those kind of items simply take up valuable space. Or, maybe there’s too many pieces of furniture in the living room. Renting an affordable Storage St. Charles IL unit at In Towne Storage is an economical solution. In additionally, it opens up more valuable room at home. Likewise for a business that is expanding. Perhaps you need to create room for another employee by simply storing extra computers and equipment.

-Collectible Items. At In Towne Storage, our clean Storage St. Charles IL units are temperature controlled. This essentially means you can store your collectibles with piece of mind knowing they are secure. Also, well-kept facilities like ours are monitored to assure safety.

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Our staff is standing by ready to provide self-storage units for most any items you possess. However, there are some things that typically don’t belong in storage units:

-Perishable items. Anything that may deteriorate or rot should not be in Self Storage units. Although our St. Charles facility does feature temperature controls, food and perishables are not suitable.

-Highly valuable items. In Towne Storage provides a very secure location to store items of practically any variety. However, it’s best to store things like currency or jewelry at your area bank.

-Pets. Obviously, a storage unit is no place for living things. In Towne Storage does not permit pets in our Storage St. Charles IL units.

Searching for Self-Storage? A Tip for Choosing the Right Facility

Security, naturally, is a high priority when it comes to choosing a place to keep your items. Most any customer would like state that security is very important when choosing a storage facility. Verify the location you choose provides sufficient protection and ask about security. After you confirm the location’s security measures, take some time to look over your storage customer contract. Some contracts differ from others. It’s useful to know what you can and cannot store. (We’re confident you’ll find In Towne’s storage agreements very customer-friendly!) Also, review the specifics regarding payment methods. Not each storage facility is alike when it comes to payment.

If you’re all set to move forward and rent a Storage St. Charles IL unit, come see us at 200 Nine North Avenue. Our property is easy to access and always secure. Our trained customer care staff is ready to answer all your questions and recommend a unit right for you. See us at any time during business hours and take a look our location!

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Need Some Packing Supplies? We Have Them!

Are you preparing for a move? Or, are you preparing to move your items into our affordable storage units? If so, we stock a range of all the packing supplies you’ll want to make it go easier. Visit In Towne Storage for supplies like:

-Boxes. Of course, you will need plenty of boxes. They’re probably the most important packing supply. We stock various sizes of sturdy boxes to contain your belongings. For clothes, books, electronic, dishware, glasses, mirrors and lots more. Tell our staff how much stuff you need to pack and we can recommend how many boxes you’ll likely need.

-Packing Tape. Be sure that your packed boxes stay shut. We carry a wide variety of tough, commercial-grade tape specifically for packing. Also, we have paper and shipping tape along with easy-to-use dispensers.

-Protective Moving Supplies. Confirm that your belongings stay secure in transport with durable furniture blankets. Additionally, we have cushions, quilted pads, plastic wrap, dish savers and packing peanuts.

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Relocating or Expanding Your Business? We Have Affordable Commercial Storage St. Charles

In Towne Storage is proud to serve the Fox Valley community affordable rates on storage units perfect small businesses. Our facility has a variety of interior and exterior units in available in various sizes. For the convenience of our customers, they are accessible 24/7.

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Why spend more just to lease additional office space unless you really need it? At In Towne Storage, you’ll discover self-storage units available in sizes just right for your business needs. Let us help your next company move go smoothly. We’re sure you’ll find satisfaction with In Towne Storage regardless of whether you’re with us for a matter of months of much longer. Contact In Towne Storage today for a no-hassle quote!

Your commercial enterprise can expand or relocate with the reliable assistance of our affordable storage units. For example, a storage unit offers a great place to keep office furniture and document boxes. Obviously, paperwork is a basic part of most any kind of business endeavor. Some kinds of documents, such as tax papers, are best kept on file at your main location. Also, there’s client records, receipts and papers that you’ll typically want to keep accessible. However, storing all those papers can really takes up space. Our Storage St. Charles IL units are the solution for keeping documents you don’t access regularly. In addition, storage space presents another layer of security.

There are several valid reasons why businesses might need a safe place to store office furniture and equipment. For example, some may hire seasonal workers. They’ll want to prevent the clutter of extra chairs, desks and cabinets during the off-season. Storage St. Charles IL also is perfect for businesses going through relocation or remodeling.

With affordable storage units, you’ll be capable of temporarily putting office furniture in a safe place until remodeling finishes. Or, perhaps you’re planning to relocate your business. You can take advantage of the affordable space with In Towne Storage as you transition.

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When you’re ready to pack up your business items, remember to:

-Cover up office furniture with clean, durable furniture blankets. However, be sure to allow for adequate air flow.

-Place your office furniture upon pallets so it stays off the ground.

-Protect corners of office furniture with packing materials. We have everything you’ll need at In Towne Storage.

-Optimize your storage unit by placing packing boxes upon desks. Put smaller items inside desk drawers.