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Storage Unit Prices

At In Towne Self-Storage, we receive inquiries daily regarding storage unit prices. We are always happy to review our pricing up front with potential tenants. Some people wonder how prices can change seemingly so quickly in this industry and quotes from different facilities can vary so drastically.


Many factors go into the price equation, but the biggest one is availability; the age-old principal of supply and demand. When a self-storage facility is newly opened there is great supply and pricing will be extremely competitive to encourage rapid growth and “lease-up”. As a facility matures the demand can greatly exceed the supply, and prices will rise to what the industry refers to as “street-rate”. This leaves many shoppers finding similar pricing at all convenient facilities.

When this happens, consider the following:
  • Ask if any promotional rates or specials are available.  Many self-storage facilities will offer a discount on a long term or pre-paid lease.
  • Look at other factors to make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Does the facility require an additional monthly insurance purchase, or can you use your home-owners policy?  Is the lock on our unit an additional purchase and if so, how much? How about an administration fee at lease signing?
  • Make sure to ask about the facility’s policy on rate increases.

At In Towne Self Storage we know storage unit pricing can be confusing.  We are here to assist you honestly and fairly with our transparent pricing.  We are not a “big-box” self-storage company, we are a small family business who has been serving the Fox Valley for over 60 years and we are completely vested in the community where we all live, work and play!


Self-Storage made EASY!

  • The only Self-Storage facility in the Fox Valley with an indoor depressed dock, AND you have full access!
  • Over 60,000 square feet of climate controlled storage.
  • The most competitive rates around!

In Towne Self-Storage will meet and exceed your self-storage needs!


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