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Are you preparing for a move? Check out these useful packing tips that will help make your moving experience go smoothly.

Packing a bedroom.

Regardless of size and style, bedrooms typically have similar items. For example, most any bedroom move will involve a bed frame, mattresses, dressers and night stands. It doesn’t matter too much where you begin, simply follow these tips to keep organized.

-Use large boxes to pack bed sheets, pillows and linens. You can simply roll up bedding items or fold them flat to conserve space.

-Use a mattress bag for both the box spring and mattress.

-Take apart your bed frame if you are able. Keep the smaller pieces together in a plastic bag and tape it to the larger sections of the bed frame. This assures you won’t lose anything.

-Don’t fully empty out your dresser just yet. Rather, use mover’s wrap to hold the drawers shut. Then you can easily move the dresser and clothes at once. If there are heavier items in the unit, you might want to take them out and pack them in boxes.

U-Haul St. Charles IL

-Pack hanging clothes in a wardrobe box. There are wardrobe boxes to accommodate the various sizes and fashions of hanging clothes.

-Sandwich bags are ideal for holding smaller items such as jewelry.

-Wrap picture frames and other fragile decor in bubble wrap or packing paper. Store in a small or medium box.

-If there’s a TV in the bedroom, pack it in a flat panel television box.

-Pack laptop computers in a protective case if you are able. If you do not have a protective case, wrap the laptop in bubble wrap and put in a small box.

-Find the proper moving supplies and any additional packing materials you’ll need so you’re ready to go!

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Packing Dress Shirts and Other Clothing Items

Shirts and clothes in general bring their own “rules” when it comes to packing. Basically, try to keep them in their typical position. For instance, fold them in a particular way or store them on a hanger.

Keep these suggestions in mind when packing shirts and other items for your move.

-Sort through your clothes and discard items you no longer need or have not worn in a long time. Use a garbage bag or extra boxes to gather these items. You can drop them at a donation center, sell them to a thrift store or simply give them to friends.

-Clean dirty clothes before you pack. Even what seems like clean items may carry dust or odors that could contaminate other clothing items when in storage.

-Confirm your clothing items are fully dry. Packing damp clothes in tight spaces can contribute to mildew growth.

-Pack your hanging clothes such as dress shirts in a wardrobe box. Wardrobe boxes are ideal for a variety of other clothing items like dresses or long jackets.

-Do not remove the clothing in your dresser yet. Instead, apply mover’s wrap so the drawers remain shut in transit.

-While packing non-hanging clothes in standard boxes, try to avoid over-packing. This not only makes boxes easier to lift, but it keeps the bottom of the boxes from collapsing.

-Line your cardboard packing boxes with packing paper. This provides some extra protection for your clothing against moisture and debris during the move.

-If you have suitcases or duffle bags you can use them along with small boxes to pack your non-hanging clothes. The flat fold and the roll up are each useful packing techniques.

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Packing Your Home Office

Home offices can be a challenge when it comes to pack them up for a move. Not only are there costly electronics, there are also lots of documents that require safe packing. In addition, there are often books, file cabinets, decorations and other furniture. Avoid frustration by gathering the proper moving packing.

-Organize your important documents. Begin by making a pile specifically for documents for shredding or recycling. There’s no reason to pack up more than you’ll need. Try to pare down your paperwork as much as you’re able to.

-Next, pack the remaining documents in an organized way. For example, put medical documents together, your finance paperwork together etc.

-If there’s a file cabinet in your office, shut and lock the drawers or wrap the cabinet with mover’s wrap.

-For folders and other documents, put them into categories and make piles. Place your piles in a box and tape them shut with packing tape.

-For your electronics like routers, towers, keyboards and monitors, use bubble wrap to ensure protection during your move. Load these electronic items into large boxes.

-If you’re using mover, assign a box for your most important documents and carry it in your own vehicle. For example, bring your social security cards, birth certificates and other essential paperwork.

Packing Dinnerware and Fine China

Because of its cost and fragility, fine china needs adequate protection during a move. There are some basic steps you can take to safely move it. As with other items, it all starts with getting the right packing supplies. We suggest dish saver kits, dish barrel boxes and glass packing kit. Those useful supplies along these packing tips will ensure your china arrives at your new location intact.

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-For packing, work upon a soft, flat surface such as a rug or carpet. If your home has hardwood or tile floors, set down a few blankets.

-If you are using packing paper, put the chinaware items facing down. Fold the corners of the paper over and tape them securely.

-When wrapping bowls and glasses, crumble up the packing paper and put it in the open areas. Do this prior to wrapping the outside of the items.

-Use boxes that are appropriate to the size of your chinaware. If the box is too big, the items are more prone to shift in transit. If the box is too small, it will be difficult to pack everything. Glass packing kits are useful for safeguarding items and preventing shifting.

-Pack plates facing up in the bottom of the boxes. Avoid packing items inside others. Instead, make single layers.

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